On A Scale of How Much Time One Has To Read Prompt

How much time do you have to read? As a student in summer with no class, I can probally skim every single title I come across and finish 4 books in a week, give or take other written content. Unless your job is to lend capatalism mind and soul for 24/7, you have leisure time, … Continue reading On A Scale of How Much Time One Has To Read Prompt

Prompt City Quayside

Have you heard of the Quayside Toronto Sidewalk Labs project? Brief summary: build futuristic sustainable community on Toronto waterfront, very groundbreaking and new and big and wooden modular skyscrapers. I'm going to use some of Sidewalk's photos for this writing prompt, but I cannot caption the images for the sake of a visual prompt. Sorry.

100 words prompt story contest

https://goteenwriters.com/2019/02/04/go-teen-writers-contest-as-soon-as-we-arrived/?fbclid=IwAR38WsZAjVVm0lN55irMdchTV532KWu4Beh0VeHtYLOVLV_9sE3vjt6yxsM   As soon as we arrived, I knew I had been right to think that this was a bad idea.   Write a story of 100 words including that first sentence. Contest closes for entries Friday, February 8th, 2019 at 9pm Central time, or just Febuary 7th to be careful. Entry free, submit through … Continue reading 100 words prompt story contest