Themed Book Project

Announcement: I have a little book review project idea. Topic: Grounded magic systems or technology systems (sci-fi/fantasy is like a single group these days) Synopsis: I will go through a collecting peroid where I fill up my to-read list with books. Anything that I can find in public libraries will do, so comics, graphic novels, … Continue reading Themed Book Project


Disabled People Destroy Fantasy -Uncanny Magazene

Hey, themed submissions from Uncanny which has the most uncanny and stunning covers. Just look at this. Reading period: January 15th 2019 to February 28th 2019. (Uncanny Magazine¬†uses the Moksha submission system.) We welcome submission from writers who identify themselves as disabled. Identity is what matters for this issue. What kinds of disabilities? All of … Continue reading Disabled People Destroy Fantasy -Uncanny Magazene