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Writing about fiction, personal experiences with the world of writing, things I’ve learned, things I should learn, with articles as short as possible, as loaded as possible.

Still getting better at it.




Reach a goal of 100 posts.

Will post some flash fiction soon.




BAM! Youth Slam — A Toronto poetry team our beloved blogger is apart of.

*Insert EPK here…* — Electronic Press Kit, an artsy resume.




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Lin Lune is a Toronto based writer and performer of art with words, and her/their work invokes deep thought about the human condition. She is on the BAM youth slam poetry team which performed at the Toronto Poetry Slam finals. Lin featured at The Voices Of Today festival and In The Soil Arts Festival. She also has been published in Alexandra Quarterly.

Lin is a master of cringing at years-old work, a perfect practitioner of procrastination, and she excels in agonizing over every single cliché in her writing and then reading 20 sci-fi stories about The Hero’s Journey in a certain crater on Mars.
She is  the absolute best at thinking her  best first drafts are the best  things in the world and need no editing  because they are the  best.