Themed Book Project

Announcement: I have a little book review project idea.

Topic: Grounded magic systems or technology systems (sci-fi/fantasy is like a single group these days)

Synopsis: I will go through a collecting peroid where I fill up my to-read list with books. Anything that I can find in public libraries will do, so comics, graphic novels, experimental things, everything counts. Each series (I’m more reviewing the world than individual volumes) will have one title, to be listed in this post.

After a diverse list has been collected, I will set aside some time (when I’m finished the Raksura series) to read each world, and give a review for that world. If the world’s a 7 part series with 2 spin offs, I’ll do my best…

After each review post has been made, it’s time for a giant collective review (or a series of) to compare all the magic systems and whatnot of each world. Goal is to have all individual reviews complete by 2019’s end.

What’s a grounded magic system? Examples below, subject to vary.


Books books books!

Elantris by The Brandon Sanderson (language air symbol thing that I may read again)

Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone (magical lawyers? Yeah! Law magic!)

The Broken Earth Series by N.K. Jemisin (idk what system but I’m reading this.)

would like to see sci-fi…

Uncertain inclusions:

Stormwrack by A.M. Dellamonica (language contract thing, unsure whether to include but will read more of it)

Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks (5 book epic… eh…)

The Kingkiller Chronicle Series by  Patrick Rothfuss (chemistry, anthropology, philosophy, eastern religions, history, alchemy, parapsychology, literature, and writing are what he studied. Welp. Also, have one too many male authors on the list.)

Children Trilogy by Ben Peek (according to Goodreads, unstable powers derived from dead gods… nice but read above)

The recent Arcadia Project had cool sentient magic but it was not gone over in depth with the POV of the book. It didn’t need to, but know of anything similar?



Suggest me anything that has a well described system almost like a science but, of course, not of this world.

If it’s set in any semblance of medival Europe, persuade me not to use the book as kindling in 5 seconds. If it’s by a you know who white cis het male author in America, persuade me not to use the book as kindling in 7 seconds. If it deals in any aspect with the you know what God, angles, demons, deamons, damons, or demaons, persuade me not to use the book as kindling in 2 seconds.


I want to focus on the world and the magic, but just send me anything and if it dosn’t make this list, it sure will be read sometime in the future.

Insert catchy catchphrase here. Signing off.


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