Houston, Day 4

Last full day. Life is Learning, finals, after party, coach buses.

10AM: go to a lecture hall for performance on African American history in the 3rd ward in Houston. First there were slaves, then the civil war, then freed slaves made themselves a self sufficient neighbourhood in a segregated city. History is cool, except when it’s boring, but this Houston story was told through monologues by a group of actors.

11AM: Board bus to a library where there was a button making machine. A tent outside was forgotten. I made buttons until we went back to campus. ‘Life is Learning’ passed as such.

5PM: squish everyone onto busses into theater. This Arena Theater was shaped in a circle with a rotating stage in the center. There was metal detectors and security that let people in one at a time. Interesting Americans. We painstakingly made our way inside and got seats at the fourth row, which was out of spitting distance but could see the faces of the performers clearly. When the stage rotated so we only saw the poet’s backs, there were tv screens from a different camera angle.

4 rounds, 4 poems each round. There was only one individual poem, and Baltimore did 3 4-people poems. Someone invoked a god onstage. There was Naruto ninja running. Lots of poems beginning in song. Hours of ear-splitting heart felt screaming poetry later, the winners are as follows:

1: Baltimore

2: Trinidad

3: Boston

4: Sacramento

37: Toronto (We didn’t even make the first cut so who knows)

It ended at 11pm, and most people went to party until the next day. This has been a delayed post but thanks for reading and I will resume spamming on Wednesday for Voices of Today.



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