A Prompt for Both Sides

Go from one to the other, then back, then flip sides again. Pancake metaphor for story development.

When cooking pancakes, one must  flip it on both sides at least once. A plot line can be simplified into 2 sides, the evil guy’s and the good guy’s. Give both equal development and the audience will tear their hair out.

Good Vs. Evil can be changed to a conflict of ideals, misinformation, social groups, family. Do not play the ‘mental illness’ card, write what you know. Search it up if you’re confused. Now with a conflict, sketch out more details.

An adolescent who has grown up very independently, with their broad worldview, has to survive a family dinner (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Lunar New Year, etc.) with the family discussing their very traditional values. Child good, family extremely old world. Or is it?

The princess is missing again- kidnapped, for certain. Little do the kings know as they scramble for ransom that the princess is a con, hailing from a fake nomadic tribe that is always at war with another fake nomadic tribe that requests unthinkable amounts of money and hands the girl back a bit late of schedule. (Because she’s posing as the kidnapper and the queen.) This time, however, she may have met her match. A dazzling prince from a faraway land of swords and sorcery needs equally unthinkable amounts of gold to perform his miracles, but holds a reputation of returning his charge early.

Two salespeople with their neighbouring car dealerships try to one-up each other and sell just one more truck in a fading rural farm town.

Mine ended up more comedy than tragedy but anything goes. Now list some goals that are exactly the same for both parties.

My parent/child is finally visiting, I cannot say they’re wrong or risk our love.

If I compromise, I may not be able to keep my home tomorrow.

I don’t trust you, any agreement is impossible.

Flip the perspective every so often, and comment your creation!



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