Finding Writing Resources

Being published motivates me. Find publishers and contests with Google, but with caution.

First things first, everyone’s in it for the money. I have seen free entry contests disappear after two years. Small online journals with volunteer staff run for a couple of issues, last post dated 2016. I hope those selfless ideals can hang on a bit longer.

Then, there are organizations that offer one winning prize, and the entry is free, but they make a book out of all the free entries and sell it to the authors. I will not judge.

Legal rights to a peice of writing is also money. Some publishers may ask for all rights forever, or something similar, under the guise of free submissions. Watch the rights.

Search engines are not your friend. Not enemy, either. Keep on searching, avoid the keyword ‘free’ and focus on a province, or genre. I tend to find some long running contests through multiple databases that linked me to another. There’s also bloggers in the industry with pages of resources.


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