BNV/VOD T-minus 16/23 Days

16 days to go till Houston, Texas. Ready to get sunburnt. Practicing killer poems that'll probally score second... last. Plan thus far: Pack breezy white long sleeved clothing, 2 bottles of sunscreen, 2 bottles of insect repellant, 3 hats. Download app that reminds me to drink water. Any tropical climate survival tips for your cold … Continue reading BNV/VOD T-minus 16/23 Days


Wrong Uses of the A-Word

WordPress, you can do better. Happy about 5 likes. Sad about usage of 'awesome'. You're slowly strangling English. Dear WordPress... If someone thinks their coffee, their car, their carrot, their cheesecake, any mundane object can be described by the A-Word, they're wrong. says of the definition: Causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling … Continue reading Wrong Uses of the A-Word